Littlehampton Memories

Going to the Odeon

Francine Stephenson
Still got my Happy Birthday card from Saturday morning pictures and my dad sold lots of sweets to the children who went in the back entrance via The Little Shop on Duke Street.

Michael Carter
Yes Saturday morning, filled with children, with your 6 pence in your hand, twin sister Suzanne and me waiting to get into to watch our films, great days

Mark Watts
Saw Psycho there in 1960. Scared me to death

Alan Ponting

That brings back many memories of the 50s. Who remembers the hot salted peanuts they use to sell in the foyer. Also remember, as a 12 year old, sneaking in through the back door from Duke St to see some X rated Brigitte Bardot films & having to duck out of sight when my Scout leader walked in!

Sue Masters
Use to go to Saturday morning picture club with myself twin brother Michael. They used to have older children there to keep us kids in check called sheriffs. After to the chippy for a bag of chips. Catch the 31 bus home.

Nigel Vine
Loved Saturday morning pictures and got asked to leave one time for crying too much during Ring of Bright Water, about the otter. My poor old aunt was mortified, never took me again.

Going to the Palladium

Tracy Jayne
My first ever trip to the cinema here! My nan took me to watch Bambi.

Graham Solley
Happy days going there watching horror films underage.

Graham Ledger
Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. X meant you had to be over 16 and I was 6 feet at 13!

Sue Brett

I remember going there with my friend Shirley Hunt watching Grease and Saturday Night Fever

Carolyn NH
The people that ran it were awful, don’t think they really liked people and especially children, I remember breaking a whole row of chairs once by leaning back and taking the whole lot down.

Karen Bailey
Spent a few evenings in the back row.

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