Below you will find information about our latest updates, we have also now added a Links page.

JULY 14 2024
Littlehampton Film History page now updated with Loot and The Firm added to Nelson and Lobsters, with four new individual pages for each title.

JULY 10 2024
Three new pages for The Leather Boys, Poor Cow and Wish You Were now added.

JULY 9 2024
Four new pages on previous cinemas now added.

JULY 8 2024
The Madness of King George now added to the film section.

TV page now has a review link for Jekyll and a link to watch Don't Forget The Driver,

1915 cinema brochure cover added in the Time Tunnel
JUNE 30 2024
Cinema history updated.
News about a screening of Tansy in August as part of the Arundel Festival.

Dick Emery press cutting from February 1978.
Ken Russell press cutting from April 2007.

Stanley Holloway snippet.
An update on the cinema history page - Did You Know?
Two 60s cinema brochure covers added in the Time Tunnel

JUNE 15 2024
The film history section now includes Tansy (1921).

A dedicated page for The Punch and Judy Man (1963).

Six more Odeon and Palladium memories added, plus a new cinema section  - The Littlehampton Time Tunnel.

Lobsters (1936) added to the film history page.

JUNE 6 2024
TV page with additional new content for Doctor Who and Henry VIII.
Trivia snippet added on bottom of the film history page.

Two new documentaries added!

Cinema history page has new content for the Windmill, plus three further pages about the former cinemas.

JUNE 4 2024
If you were following Arun Film on Facebook, I'm afraid you'll have to re-follow, long story but basically I had to start again with the FB page, so it has a new address.

On the good news front, two local documentary filmmakers have been in touch with two films that I'll be uploading tomorrow.

JUNE 1 2024
Well folks, here we are, June 1, and the first wave of information is now up on this site for you to look through!

Some pages have more content than others, but overall I hope you see what I see. The beginnings of a road map of multiple possibilities.

Considering this was just an idea in my head on May 1, to come up with an initial workable structure, then research and find the content, then add it to 30 pages via a web design building program that I've never used before, for a month's work it's looking alright!

Yes the design looks clunky and old school in places, some parts look better on a computer, other sections look better on a phone, but as long as it's mostly 'navigationally friendly' and links go where they're supposed to go, the cosmetic stuff I can gradually work on over the coming weeks.

As always your feedback is most welcome, tell me what you like and what you think needs improving, teĺl me where the typos, dead links and historical inaccuracies are. The email and social media links are at the bottom of every page, some day soon they'll be shiny new buttons!

While I have loads of new content to sort out and put on here, I'm always looking for more. So if you have any photos, press cuttings, film reels, videos, anecdotes and information, connected with any of the content on here, please get in touch.

Arun Film couldn't have got to this stage without a colossal amount of support, advice and assistance, so thanks to Sylvia Endacott, Phil Bridgeman, Alan Stickland, Ellen Cheshire, Jason Passingham, Stuart McKears, Allen Taylor, Jan Pniewski, Heather Allen and Clair Harwood at Love Bognor Regis, Neale Bateman at V2 Radio, Martin John Alderton, Claire Stevens at Sussex Film Office, Bognor Regis Museum, Littlehampton Museum, Screen Archives South East, Bognor Regis Library, Littlehampton Library, and the many individuals on the regional community Facebook message boards who gave support, feedback and information in abundance. Stars, the lot of you.

I've rambled on enough, but let me end with a useful tip. If you want to know where the updated content is every week, check back to this page for direct links. 

Enjoy Arun Film!