HOPE IT RAINS (1991-92)

Hope It Rains was an ITV sitcom starring Tom Bell, Holly Aird and Eamon Boland and ran for 13 episodes over 2 seasons. A summary describes it as: 
  When her mother dies, independent but unemployed Jace goes to live with her cantankerous godfather who runs a dilapidated wax museum in a seedy English seaside resort.

You can see a trailer and a full ropey VHS quality episode.

JEKYLL (2007)

Dr Tom Jackman's life is in tatters. He's been playing host to an uninvited guest - a dangerous alter-ego. Desperate to protect his family from his dark side, Jackman has been forced to leave his old life behind and strike a diabolical deal with his own devil.

You can read this in-depth, spoiler-packed, review:
Daddy Issues: BBC's Jekyll (2007) and the Hereditary Hyde

Don't forget the driver (2019)

Comedy set in Bognor Regis starring Toby Jones as coach driver Peter Green. As he and his family struggle with their sense of identity, a new arrival throws their life into chaos.

Bognor Regis locations used during the filming included The Esplande, the beach and pier, Waterloo Square, Shorecroft, Royal Norfolk Hotel, West Street, Scott Street, Vural's Fish & Chips shop on The Esplande and The Lamb Inn, Pagham and Bognor Regis Town Hall.

UK viewers can watch Don't Forget The Driver for free, but with ads, on UKTV

A blast from the past, this news clipping from Feb 1978, features comedian Dick Emery with co-stars Victor Maddern and Helen Frazer on location. 

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