Jason Passingham, proprietor of Heygates Bookshop, has memories of all three of the TV Shows which had exterior scenes filmed in Bognor Regis.

For Hope It Rains (1991-92), Jason got some work as an extra, playing one of the tourists on the seafront.

Literally, when were were filming it didn't rain. The days they wanted rain, there weren"t even clouds, so they brought in water hoses to fake it. Tom Bell's character owns a rundown waxworks museum, hoping for rain so the customers would come in, the set designers did a fantastic job on the front of a shop near Waterloo Square.

Jekyll (2007)
:I'm the chairman of Bognor Regis Seafront Lights. In a night scene they wanted James Nesbitt's character to walk along the seafront, making the lights flicker and fade in and out quickly as he passes by. But our seafront lamps don"t do that, you can't flick them on and off quickly, they're on a trip and a timer, and warm up slowly. So the filiming crew had to fit special devices to the lights to fake it.

Don't Forget The Driver. (2019)
There's a scene were there's lights all along the pier, but of course they don't exist, so they were specially bought in. I remember when they were filming all around the town, at the time my bookshop was in the high street, and we were used to sometimes seeing hearses slowly pass by. But one day this hearse comes around the corner with cameras attached, and for a split second I thought - is someone live streaming a funeral? Then I remembered about the film crew being in town.