mINDER (1980)

Season Two, Episode One
Title: National Pelmet
Broadcast: Sept 11 1980. 

On a trip to the seaside with Arthur Terry is asked to mind a race-horse called Pelmet and is happy to do so when he meets Jocelyn, the attractive female jockey. However it is stable girl Rita who takes a shine to the minder and her ex-husband who proves to be part of a scam involving the horse.

This Minder fan page has some screenshots of the locations used for this particular episode, including Littlehampton.


Season Two, Episode One
Title: The Field Trip
Broadcast: April 2 2009

Season two of The Inbetweeners opens with a characteristically eventful field trip to Swanage on the Dorset coast. However, this episode was actually filmed in the West Sussex resort of Littlehampton. Sex-mad Jay propositions an ice-cream seller, and the four friends almost get lost at sea and have to be rescued by Littlehampton’s own RNLI crew. 

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