The key to this movie is the performance by 16-year-old Lloyd as Lynda. The screenplay could have gone a dozen different ways, depending on who was cast in the role. Lloyd is so fresh, so filled with fun and rebellion, that she carries us past the tricky parts on the strength of personality alone. It's one of the great debut roles for a young actress. I was reminded of a cross between Julie Christie in "Darling" and Rita Tushingham in "A Taste of Honey." - ROGER EBERT

Wish You Were Here's location filming mainly took place in Worthing, with some scenes filmed in Bognor Regis and Brighton.

Among the photos below are two Spanish lobby cards for 
Si estuvieras quĂ­.

Reelstreets page for Wish You Were Here, see photos comparing film screenshots with locations in more recent times.

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